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Are You Giving Yourself A Hard Time?

Giving yourself a hard time is unhealthy


Are you constantly criticizing yourself for every little time you do wrong, for example saying things to ourselves like….“I should have said this”… “Look I can’t even do this simple thing”… “Everyone thinks I’m stupid” etc, etc.

I put my hand up too. I know I’m guilty of this as well as everyone. Oftentimes I say things like “I wonder will anybody read this article.”

Or “maybe they will think it stinks” blah, blah, blah.

Think it over

But come to think of it. You had a best friend. And you talked to them like this how long would they stay with you? Or would they even want to be around you? But we do this everyday. And when you really think about you’ll never be able to escape from “you.”

No matter how far you run, so today give yourself a break!!

Our daily life

We often go through our day to day life being constantly stressed out and on edge. But when you think about it how much stress is actually coming from the outside.

And how much are you actually making yourself through negative thinking. And oftentimes letting your imagination run away with you? So, today treat yourself and give yourself a pep talk.

Try this

Try out this exercise on yourself when you have some quiet time to yourself. Put your left hand on your heart chakra. The point is in the middle of your chest.

Then slowly focus on your breathing as you do this. Imagine your breath coming in through your hand and into your chest. With every inhalation feel a wave of relaxation entering with it.

And as you breathe out feel the stress going out of your body back out through your hand. When you find yourself starting to relax, start to say some positive affirmations to yourself out loud.

Congratulate yourself for all that you’ve done that day and anything positive else you’d like to say.

If you find it a bit awkward to think of things to say to yourself. Then mentally step back and think of you as a small child or a friend you really like. Then imagine what nice things they’d like to hear you say to them and then say these to yourself.

You’ll definitely start to feel a lot better about yourself. Probably in the future you’ll catch yourself before you call yourself something nasty or start to pick on yourself!!


— end —

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Learning To Trust Yourself (Part 3 of 3)

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When you don’t trust yourself, you will seek guidance from everyone else

Your life will be outer-focused, and people will make decisions about your life for you. Make your personal decisions based on what’s most important to you and what works best for you.

You can ask other people’s opinions as long as you are willing to pay most attention to your feelings. If you are unsure of yourself, take the time to really listen to your gut. If you have a relationship with a Higher Power, spend time in prayer and ask that the truth be revealed to you.

During my coaching training, we were taught to listen to our intuition

A lot of us questioned how we know if we’re right? In other words, how can we know for sure if we can trust ourselves? You don’t know for sure unless you test it out.

We were instructed as coaches to blurt out what our intuition was telling us, and then wait to see how the client responds. The more we test our intuition and discover that it’s telling the truth, the more we begin to trust ourselves.

Try some experiments

The next time you feel confused about a decision, pay attention to your gut-level reaction. Don’t rationalize or talk yourself out of your feelings. Go with it and see how it turns out.

You can even make a list of times you trust your intuition and things go well. The more you practice trusting yourself, the easier it will become.

If you trust yourself and find out later it was a mistake, learn from it and move on. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s better to trust yourself and be wrong than to not trust yourself at all.


— end —