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As I Lay Me Down To Sleep (Part 2 of 2)

Asking your sub-conscious mind of help is the secret! Read the first part below:

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep (Part 1 of 2)




I ask my sub-conscious mind to work on all of my issues and challenges in life. Request to replace them with positive, empowering programs. I did this for a couple of days and to be honest, I didn’t really feel much.

Then I decided to keep it up because I was curious what would happen if I did. And if it really would be effective.

Anyway, about day 3 or 4 I started to feel a bit perkier than normal. Then I found myself feeling a bit more positive and more bouncy. I started to do things that I had been putting off for ages (and by ages, I mean months!).

I didn’t really think anything of it, but kept my experiment up. About a week after I started I was feeling really good and very bouncy and full of life.

Again, I thought nothing of it, not connecting my pre-bedtime intention with this change.

Suddenly, it felt better and better

Then one day a friend happened to ask me if I’d been taking happy pills because I was annoyingly positive and then it hit me.

Every night for the last ten days or so I had been setting this intention. And then gradually I had been feeling better and better. It wasn’t a massive change all of a sudden, just a series of small changes.

I smiled at my friend and jumped around very excitedly sharing with her what I had been doing. I tell her the results it was having for me.

Of course, she was really excited and has been doing exactly the same every night since. And is still shocked by how such a little thing is having such a big difference.

So, when you go to sleep at night as you set your alarm clock, set your intention too, and wake up and feel the difference!


— end —

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As I Lay Me Down To Sleep (Part 1 of 2)

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

What do we usually do before we sleep at night?

What do you do before you go to sleep at night? I don’t mean brush your teeth and change into your nice blue pajamas with the little white sheep on.

I mean what do you do in your head? Do you think about anything specific? The next day? The day you’ve just got through? Fear? Hope?

Or do you tap into an incredibly powerful part of you and set it to work? So that it gets the whole night to work on things for you? So when you wake up you have answers to questions you asked?

I bet you’d like to know how to do that wouldn’t you? Well, the good news is, it’s simple, so easy, even I can do it!

Ok, I’ll tell you … here’s the secret.

The best thing that we can do

When you go to sleep at night, it is only your conscious mind that sleeps. Your sub-conscious mind keeps on working. If it went to sleep, you’d have a few problems as it controls important things like your breathing and heart!

So naturally, it keeps working and is “awake” all night long. Now your sub-conscious mind just happens to be rather good at processing information. And connecting random dots to make works of art.

So when you go to sleep, focus your mind on the things that are bothering you. Then ask your sub-conscious mind to help.

Naturally, I decided I was going to experiment with this on myself and see what it would do. For a number of weeks I used to say this to myself every single night. Whenever I put my head on the pillow. Just before I went to sleep.


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As I Lay Me Down To Sleep (Part 2 of 2)

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Rest and Sleep

The human body

All the parts of the human body work together, although each one has its especial part to do. The stomach must have a time to rest between meals. The other parts of the body require rest, too.

This they usually get while we are asleep. We must not be neglectful and fail to give them enough rest, or they will soon get worn out and give us trouble.

Things that may help induce sleep

Sometimes, when people are not well or are all tired out, they find they cannot sleep well at night. There are a number of little things that can be done to induce sleep.

A warm bath before retiring, followed by a gentle massage, especially along the spine, often will, by relaxing the nerves and muscles, produce very good results.

A hot foot bath, which draws the blood away from the brain, frequently will be found beneficial. A glass of hot milk or cocoa, taken just before retiring, often will have the same effect.

If the sleeplessness is a result of indigestion, a plain diet will relieve. Sleeping upon a hard bed without any pillow sometimes produces the desired effect.

Always have plenty of fresh air in the room. Keep the mind free from the cares of the day. If they will intrude, crowd them out by repeating something else some soothing sentence or bit of poetry.

Another technique

One good plan is to close the left nostril by pressing on it with the finger, then take four deep breaths through the right nostril. Then close the right nostril and take four deep breaths through the left one. Repeat this about four times. Then breathe slowly through both nostrils, but count your breaths. You seldom will count very many.

Never take any sleeping powders or tablets except upon the advice of a physician, for they usually contain drugs that will injure the heart.

Stress and rest

You will find that you will meet a number of men who are stressed. That means they have no control over their emotions. But let them run away with them.

Sometimes this is shown in palpitation of the heart, headache, backache, and many other disorders. There may be a tendency to cry at trivial things, or a feeling of having “the blues.”

The cause usually can be found in uncongenial surroundings or occupation, loss of love ones, or real or fancied troubles. Whatever the cause, it should be removed, if possible, and measures taken to restore the worn out nerves that are crying for rest or food.

Tonics help, so does nourishing food, such as eggs and milk; also a change of environment, if possible. A man who is stressed frequently does not realize what is the cause of his condition, and considers only the symptoms.

— end —