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The Road to Genius (Part 2 of 2)

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Like noise on a radio the mind interferes with the channels that keep us connected to our true self. We live by the mind and through the mind and only on occasion do we glimpse the greater powers that be.

The mind

Have you noticed that the harder you think about a problem the more illusive the solution? Yet, when you still the mind or stop thinking about it the answer seems to come to you from nowhere?

This is an open channel to the greater self that is free from the interference of the mind. The best solutions come from beyond the mind! You see, the mind can only give you solutions to problems based on past experience and knowledge.

Most famous artists, musicians, writers and scientists have all said that their greatest ideas come from a deeper place than the mind. We all experience this on certain levels because we are all connected to the greater self through many channels.

It’s just that the stronger connections go hand in hand with our greater skills; those skills we practice the most!

Practice makes a genius

When an apprentice exceeds the master’s ability where has the new found talent come from? The same can be said for those we consider genius. Somehow, at whatever age they have found a strong and open channel to the greater self.

And, they keep this channel strong through constant practice. It is practice that lowers the level of mind noise and keeps the channel open to new ideas.

And here is the key for the rest of us. These channels allow each and everyone of us to develop the qualities of genius. When we consistently practice something we open up the channels to the greater essence of the thing we are practicing.

We tune into a greater power that makes us exceed the abilities of our mentors. We become classified as a genius. In effect we become a genius in whatever it is we practice long and hard enough at. Practice really is the road to perfection!


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The Road to Genius (Part 1 of 2)

A tough, rough road

Science experiments

Do you know the way that leads you to the road to genius? If you have interest in the theories of quantum physics you will know that the very observation of certain experiments has effects to their outcome.

Without going too deep, the implication is that the experimenters are somehow connects to the experiment itself and no matter what they do, they are unable to prevent their influence over it.

On the level of meta-physics this is evidence of our oneness with everything. Somehow we connect to everything outside of us and have access to all knowledge.

But at the same time are separates by the illusion of our apparent individuality. But what is it that makes us all appear to be different.

What makes a genius?

Have you ever wondered why certain people exhibit genius qualities? What is that makes a child a chess grand-master, a great mathematician or a virtuoso musician well before their time?

Is it in the power of their mind or is the secret in how they are wired?

The channels

For a moment imagine we are all connected to pure consciousness through a series of channels. These channels exist because of our idea of separation and where we feel our place is in the world.

Our minds have flourished on this idea of separation. All the ideas we hold about ourselves including our status, our background, our race etc have allowed the mind to take control of our lives.

This control has a direct bearing on the number and strength of channels open to us. They are what makes us different and why some people are excellent in given fields whilst other people struggle.

It seems that the mind is preventing the access to pure consciousness. The mind’s activity is blocking and forging the channels through its idea of separation.


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The road is wide and the stars are out
And the breath of the night is sweet,
And this is the time when wanderlust should seize upon my feet.
But I’m glad to turn from the open road and the starlight on my face,
And to leave the splendor of out-of-doors for a human dwelling place.


I never have seen a vagabond who really liked to roam
All up and down the streets of the world and not to have a home:
The tramp who slept in your barn last night and left at break of day
Will wander only until he finds another place to stay.


A gypsy-man will sleep in his cart with canvas overhead;
Or else he’ll go into his tent when it is time for bed.
He’ll sit on the grass and take his ease so long as the sun is high,
But when it is dark he wants a roof to keep away the sky.


If you call a gypsy a vagabond, I think you do him wrong,
For he never goes a-travelling but he takes his home along.
And the only reason a road is good, as every wanderer knows,
Is just because of the homes, the homes, the homes to which it goes.


They say that life is a highway and its milestones are the years,
And every now and then there’s a toll-gate where you pay your way with tears.
It’s a rough road and a steep road and it stretches broad and far,
But then it leads at last to a golden Town where golden Houses are.



Sometimes when I look back, and think of all the “could- have- beens” in my life, I often wonder: did I make the right choice? Did I miss a road sign?… Am I on the right track?… CROSSROADS …


They happen all the time. saying goodbye to some, choosing only one.  Letting go, holding on… settling for now, but facing what must come.


Yes, in life, we all reach a crossroad sometime.


We make painful decision and take some risks as we pursue our dreams.  But one should not stay at the CROSSROADS too long. For even the birds have to leave their nests sometime and learn how to fly.

The Life road is long and rough, and there are stretches when one has to do it alone. And should you meet the cross at the road, be consoled.


Yes, more often than not, the road less traveled will surely bring you home. Face the light and the shadow falls behind you. Turn your back, and the shadows fall in front of you.


Indeed, the truth hurts, but it will surely set you free. The bitter pangs of parting, will give birth to another moment called growing.


So grow on.. until it’s time for you to move on… and face the crossroads again.


Knowing God loves you and is in control of everything.


Be strong at the crossroads.


Embrace the CROSS at the ROAD.


The LORD is at the cross, at the road, at all your CROSSROADS …