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From I CAN’T To I CAN (Part 2 of 4)

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She gave me a very cute, determined nod of her head, turned back to her bottle. And sure enough, with just another 15 seconds of effort, she pulled that bottle out. Then took a nice long drink.

Now here’s the interesting part. Later on that same walk, I notice her reach down casually. I’m not even sure she take a good look. And pull the bottle out of the pocket. It is as if she have always know how to do it and there was nothing simpler in the world.

Just that one learning experience had shifted her entire perception. Instead of questioning her ability to succeed, she now knew from experience that she could do it. And that knowledge enabled her to do it easily and effortlessly.

Can do attitude in real life as an adult

It brings me to now, to us, to you and me and to the attitudes and perceptions. We bring to our projects and pursuits and to our entire lives.

We are surrounded by taglines and clichés extolling the virtues of positive perceptions, “Just do it.” “Can-do attitude.” Etc.

And yet, my personal experience and my observations of others suggest that very few of us approach life with the perspective of “can-do.”

A lot of times, we usually approach life with the attitude of “I’ll stick with what I know.”

We tend to avoid attempting something new. It is because our core belief tells us that, at worst, we can’t do it. And at best, it will be a struggle.

We approach new projects, jobs, relationships, anything that has not previously been proven possible with a doubting attitude, an attitude of “I can’t do this,” or, “this is going to be difficult,” instead of approaching it with the attitude of someone who knows they can do it.


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Wish Upon A Shooting Star

Wish Upon A Shooting Star

A dreamer

I have always been a dreamer. Even when I was a little kid my thoughts were always full of how my life could be different. Or of how the world could become a better place.

Sometimes, after my mom had tucked me into bed with an instruction to stay no matter what. I’d sneak over to the large window in my bedroom and stare outside into space.

I will find an area of the sky that is with the most stars and I will wait. I will whisper a wish. Though some say wishes always had to be said outloud. And wait for a shooting star to fall and make my wish come true.

My wishes

Sometimes my wishes would be for myself and other times I would make wishes for my friends or my family. I didn’t like it that my knee got all scraped up when I fell down on the playground.

I didn’t like it that other kids got made fun of if they had to wear glasses. So I would make wishes about things like these. Would wait on a shooting star in hopes that my mom would stop crying so much. Or so that my baby sister wouldn’t be sick all the time.

I believed with all my heart that all it took for my dreams to come true was seeing a shooting star fall from the sky. I believed there was something magical about a shooting star, something in it that was the answer to peoples’ problems.

Now as an adult

Even now, as an adult, I find myself wondering if wishing on a shooting star doesn’t in some way help solve the problems of the world. It seems like too many of my childhood wishes got answered.

For there to not be at least a little magic in a shooting star. Of course now my wishes are for bigger things. Near to impossible like world peace or the eradication of all of the world’s poverty.

I dream about a world without violence and about a world where every child has a chance to live. And while most of the time these dreams never make it outside the walls of my own mind, every now and then, I’ll be outside on a clear night and find myself gazing up to the sky and wishing my dreams outloud, just above a whisper.

I’m not sure if I keep looking for a shooting star because I really believe in it’s magic. Or maybe I just reminisce a habit from my childhood. Either way, I guess it is good for me to believe in the power of a little dreaming and of wishing upon a shooting star.


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