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Daily Life Treasures

Chang and Eng Bunker were the original Siamese Twins, the rare condition being named after their birthplace of Siam (modern-day Thailand). They were joined at the stomach by a small piece of cartilage.

They lived aboard a house boat and sold duck eggs to help feed their family. The twins’ decision to remain conjoined ensured the interest from overseas that started their unexpected journey.

A Scottish merchant then spotted them while swimming and offered to send them off to America as entertainers, having first paid their mother the equivalent of around $500 and getting a blessing from the king of Siam, who sat upon a golden throne.

They have the courage to spend months sailing across the ocean not knowing what lies ahead of them.

As expected, they became performers. The nature of their work demands countless travel, where most of the time, they will be in economy class while…

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