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Ready for a spiritual retreat? Please read the first article below:

A Spiritual Retreat (Part 1 of 2)




Consider the following things when looking for spiritual retreat venues:

  1. Talking about your feelings
  2. Your anger
  3. The world
  4. Your frustrations
  5. Your hopes
  6. Rekindle your relationship with God

Aims And Goals

A spiritual retreat aims to answer all these doubts. It will reassure you that God is certainly with us. God who is always guiding and protecting us from harm.

Like if your car has been bumped by another car and has left a deep dent on the back. You can be rest assured that God is still protecting you.

Since at least you were saved from any bodily harm. And that your car is just a material possession. That if you really work hard on it, you can actually still have it fixed. Or you can just buy a better and/or a newer model.

It will really enables you to become more objective when it comes to dealing with certain situations. Best, you will not get easily angry with others as well as with God.

Relaxation In Paradise

Still, there are those who go on to spiritual retreats hoping that they will be able to just have the time to reflect. Reflect on the things that they have done and let go of all regrets.

Regrets on the chances that they did not took as well all the wrong things that they have done. Because as the cliche goes, it’s all in the past.

A spiritual retreat is really meant for looking back on your past. Looking back in order to be able to have a better perspective of the future. You will find that you are equipped with your newfound faith in God as well as in yourself.

It is highly important that you should also be to finally let go of the things that have been bothering you in the past. Therefore not enabling you to live your life accordingly to God’s will.


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