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Finding Our One True Path

Still puzzled?

So you’re trying to figure out what you’re going to be when you grow up. The problem is you’re 37, have two grown children and a wife, not to mention two dogs named Jopay and Jepoy.

Oh, wait, sorry, I guess I got distracted and thought we were talking about me.

Back to you. You’re physically “grown,” but you haven’t found your “one true path.” You don’t know yet what you’re going to do with your life, and you’re feeling lost, confused, and worried.

The bad news

Okay, let’s start with the brutal truth here. If you have spent a lot of time, effort and creative energy looking for your one true path, I have bad news.

You probably don’t have one.

You see, people who have one true paths know they do and they know what they are. This is not always true. Nothing is always true.

But in general, people who “home in” on one career do it early and stick with it, or if they change careers, they do it in a reasoned, considered way.

The good news

People like us, who stumble and bumble and jumble from one thing to another to another to another, we don’t have one true path. We have something. It’s just not one true path.

That’s the good news. Because what we have, boy is it better.

The multiple paths

We have multiple paths. They fit our multiple passions and our multiple talents and our multitasking personalities.

You and I? We can be whatever we want. For as long as we want. And then go do something else. We can be writers, and while we’re being writers, or when we’re done being writers, we can be teachers, or driving instructors.

Now, admittedly, we’re not going to be astrophysicists or CEOs of major companies. But most of us don’t want that. What we can be is just about anything we want to be – and just about everything.

Don’t you feel liberated?

2 comments on “Can’t Find Your One True Path?

  1. Stay Alive says:

    The liberation is good as long as it does not come with constant comparison. Personally I always see myself comparing to people who stick to one thing and progress overtime. Which makes me think how good would it have been I could set my mind onto something and stick with it.

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