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As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

What do we usually do before we sleep at night?

What do you do before you go to sleep at night? I don’t mean brush your teeth and change into your nice blue pajamas with the little white sheep on.

I mean what do you do in your head? Do you think about anything specific? The next day? The day you’ve just got through? Fear? Hope?

Or do you tap into an incredibly powerful part of you and set it to work? So that it gets the whole night to work on things for you? So when you wake up you have answers to questions you asked?

I bet you’d like to know how to do that wouldn’t you? Well, the good news is, it’s simple, so easy, even I can do it!

Ok, I’ll tell you … here’s the secret.

The best thing that we can do

When you go to sleep at night, it is only your conscious mind that sleeps. Your sub-conscious mind keeps on working. If it went to sleep, you’d have a few problems as it controls important things like your breathing and heart!

So naturally, it keeps working and is “awake” all night long. Now your sub-conscious mind just happens to be rather good at processing information. And connecting random dots to make works of art.

So when you go to sleep, focus your mind on the things that are bothering you. Then ask your sub-conscious mind to help.

Naturally, I decided I was going to experiment with this on myself and see what it would do. For a number of weeks I used to say this to myself every single night. Whenever I put my head on the pillow. Just before I went to sleep.


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