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Of course you can! Read the first part of the article below.

From I CAN’T To I CAN (Part 1 of 4)



She gave me a very cute, determined nod of her head, turned back to her bottle. And sure enough, with just another 15 seconds of effort, she pulled that bottle out. Then took a nice long drink.

Now here’s the interesting part. Later on that same walk, I notice her reach down casually. I’m not even sure she take a good look. And pull the bottle out of the pocket. It is as if she have always know how to do it and there was nothing simpler in the world.

Just that one learning experience had shifted her entire perception. Instead of questioning her ability to succeed, she now knew from experience that she could do it. And that knowledge enabled her to do it easily and effortlessly.

Can do attitude in real life as an adult

It brings me to now, to us, to you and me and to the attitudes and perceptions. We bring to our projects and pursuits and to our entire lives.

We are surrounded by taglines and clichés extolling the virtues of positive perceptions, “Just do it.” “Can-do attitude.” Etc.

And yet, my personal experience and my observations of others suggest that very few of us approach life with the perspective of “can-do.”

A lot of times, we usually approach life with the attitude of “I’ll stick with what I know.”

We tend to avoid attempting something new. It is because our core belief tells us that, at worst, we can’t do it. And at best, it will be a struggle.

We approach new projects, jobs, relationships, anything that has not previously been proven possible with a doubting attitude, an attitude of “I can’t do this,” or, “this is going to be difficult,” instead of approaching it with the attitude of someone who knows they can do it.


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