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Bad Habit

All of us have to some extent

It’s likely that all of us have this bad habit to some extent. I nominate it for the title of the worst habit one can have.

What is it? Fighting reality rather than accepting and dealing with things the way they are. Here are some examples, and a few suggestions as to how to break this habit.

Are You Fighting Reality?

Fighting reality is a subtle habit. It expresses itself in everything from blaming others for our problems. Like getting angry at traffic, to wishful thinking. How do know when you are doing it? Watch for these clues.

Consider how rarely you complain, or are angry or annoyed because rocks are hard and water is wet. Your easy acceptance of the facts of nature is due to clearly seeing this is simply the way it is.

You have no ideas that rocks should be soft or water dry. In other areas of life, however, you probably do have ideas about how things “should be.”

This is the first clue that you may be “fighting reality.”

Of course you can work to make the world a better place. But you don’t need to deny or fight reality to do that. I once failed in business because I felt that there “shouldn’t be” regulations and complicated tax systems.

I used these ideas as excuses for not doing all that I had to do to succeed. Entrepreneurs may agree with that laissez-faire viewpoint. But successful ones also accept that things are how they are, and deal with it.

There is a great way to excuse ourselves from taking responsibility. One of the subtle ways of fighting reality, is to blame. Seeing the role that outside factors and other people play in our problems is honesty.


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