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Sure enough, the next day, they call into work. Sounding just awful announcing that there is no possible way they could work today.

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them

Michael Jordan


Who Cares?

Who cares enough about us to impose expectations upon us? The obvious answer is friends and family. Often, these expectations are normal and positive.

For example, if our spouse expects us to be home to have dinner, this could be a wonderful norm. We care about our friends and family. They have more power than anyone else to influence our own opinion of our ability.

Frequently, well-meaning relatives will deter someone from pursuing their true life purpose.

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact

William James


One of the ways that this happens is by planting doubt

Let’s say we truly believe that we have an ability to write. We also have a desire to pursue writing as a career. In subtle ways, some of our friends and family begin to plant doubts about our skills or the opportunities in this career path.

They may think that they are protecting us; however, sometimes, the result is that we choose another path that we perceive to be less risky.

What About Me?

That’s right, we are the most important person in our lives in determining our place in this world. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. We hear our own voice more than any other.

So, what are we saying to ourselves? If we are saying that we can do it, we are much more likely to dismiss evidence to the contrary. Take one of the most famous historical examples. How successful would David have been against Goliath if he were talking defeat to himself?

It’s possible that he would have been unsuccessful if he had not been rehearsing his past successes in killing the lion and the bear with his bare hands.

Others also have the ability to set expectations for us

Aside from the people in our inner circle of influence, there are others that have the ability to set expectations for us, if we give them the power. We just need to be aware that this occurs.


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