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The seeker

This is an old message for a new age.  Do you consider yourself a seeker? I have a feeling if you’re reading this article, you do.

Definition of a seeker

If so, how exactly do you define it? What does it mean to you to be a “seeker?”

For me, the definition is constantly in process of clarifying itself. Shifting in and out of focus as I ask, “What is it that I’m seeking?”


There have been times – days, weeks, months, dare I say years – that it felt like wandering. Lost and lonely, in search of a nameless, faceless something that seemed forever before me.

But like a mirage, moving farther away the closer I drew. I could not grasp it. But I knew that when found it would make all the pieces of my life click together.

Instant happiness and abundance, perfect peace and love. Most of all, everything would finally make sense. I’d know my purpose; I’ll be brave enough to live it; I’d have no question that I couldn’t readily answer.

I can tell you, after so much time in the desert, I have found no such something. But that doesn’t mean the journey has not been fruitful.

In its finest moments the search has been a pilgrimage. One with the hue of holiness. And in those rare instances I know clearly what it is I seek. I’d like to share a story.

A story

Several years ago my mentor’s company sponsored a celebrity golf tournament. We attended, and I surprised myself at how star-struck I was! Especially since the stars were sports figures with whom I was barely familiar.

Of all of them, the kindest was David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs. Walking next to him, my head came only to his chest, but I find him to be a gentle giant.

Late in the day I, along with many others, asked for his autograph. When he gave me back the piece of paper it had on it his name and “Matthew 6:33.” I overheard someone explain that he always places a verse from the Bible on his autographs. A different one for each person.


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An Old Message For A New Age (Part 3 of 3)

6 comments on “An Old Message For A New Age (Part 1 of 3)

  1. Are you a believer in God through Yeshua, or more a believer in self being the made in the image of God, or are you looking on yourself as “A” God? As from your right ups you’ve quoted, from what I can see, two scriptures. I’m just curious as you state things well, but you do not seem to look to God as a higher power, but more to your inner self!



    1. conradivan says:

      Hi Marcia. Thanks for the comment. But i recommend reading the continuation of the article as well. To be clear, i am not a A God. Sorry if my post made some confusion. Topic is too deep, too vast to explain, too broad to discuss in here. Only one thing is certain, all of us has a belief that no one can question, that no one can say that it is right or wrong. My inner self answers only to one God, and that I am sure of. It is the relationship i have to “Whosoever” i believe in. Yes i quoted some from the scriptures, but that doesn’t mean that other’s beliefs are wrong. Cheers Marcia!


      1. Thankyou for your reply, I did read all which you shared on this subject, which rose my reason to ask the question. So you do not believe in the God of the Bible, it’s your inner-self God in whom you connect with?



  2. conradivan says:

    Hi Marcia. It is the God of the Holy Bible. =)


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