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Learn the truth about Hypnosis. Read the first two parts of the articles below:

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You just need a comfortable chair, couch or bed, a willingness to relax. Then let-go! Listen to a trained professional or professional recording.

You are always in control of yourself before, during and after a hypnosis session. If you are a particularly “good subject” you may forget the experience afterwards. But during the hypnosis session you are always aware of what is happening!

You cannot be made to do nor say anything that is against your moral or ethical codes. It never matter what Hollywood may tell you in “The Manchurian Candidate“!

You will be able to hear everything around you. Thus, you are also aware of everything that is happening around you. There are many people who actually become very sensitive to their environment.

Their 5 senses become heightened and they are even more aware of the smallest of details while in trance. Of course you go back to normal upon “wakening”.

The vast majority of people remember everything the therapist told them when the hypnosis session is over. In fact it’s a pretty good bet to say that everyone who reads this article will be in that group.

What a hypnotherapist do

It is the job of a hypnotherapist to make you feel comfortable before, during and after a session. If, at anytime, you feel uncomfortable with what the therapist is doing or saying tell them to stop!

To get the most from any hypnosis session you must be able to relate to the hypnotherapist and trust them. For this reason all reputable hypnosis professionals give a free consultation before you ever enter a trance state.

Seek out a hypnotist you feel comfortable with. The one who makes you feel that they can get the results that you are looking for. After all you are in charge!

It is a great tool

Hypnosis is merely a tool. It is a highly effective method for producing inner change that is permanent. I understand that some religions forbid their followers to take part in anything that may cause them to lose control of their mental, emotional and conscious functions.



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