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Hypnosis has been used by wise men and women for centuries to create relaxed physical and mental states. It condition the mind to respond differently to outside stimuli. It is just as relevant and effective today as it ever has been.

Through technological breakthroughs and advances in mind conditioning it is possible to create profound lasting change with self-hypnosis recordings. Many of the new recordings, by the best hypnotherapists, include binaural beat technology.

It entrains the brain to enter into specific mental states ideal for learning and reconditioning, and NLP exercises. There are a great many recordings that are of poor quality, both in their sound and their suggestions, so beware.

However, there are some excellent pre-made sessions on subjects that are as varied as the people who use them.

It is, however, possible for you to enter a hypnotic trance by yourself

Then give yourself carefully chosen post-hypnotic suggestions, with just as much power as any hypnotist. These can be a list of simple affirmations that you mentally repeat while in the deeper stages of trance.

I find it better to use pre-made custom recordings. I like to let my mind wander during the trance state. The trance state is so relaxing that most times you don’t really want to leave it.

This happens as the conscious mind becomes extremely lazy while hypnotized. This is why I prefer pre-made sessions or to visit a trained

Performing your own hypnotic session

However, if you prefer to perform your own hypnotic session, which many people do, you must first ensure that you have a clear intention about your purpose before you enter into a hypnotic state. Ask yourself what you want to achieve from the hypnotic session.

You can use self-hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions effectively to make any mental or emotional change you can think of.


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