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How to stay with the process through its completion

Look closer

When everything falls apart, pay special attention to the exact circumstances that have begun deteriorating. This gives you a BIG clue about the biggest lies (limiting beliefs you have formed) about yourself, and your life.

Look for the connection between the blockages you are dissolving, and the circumstances that are coming apart at the seams.

For example, if you have begun exploring your true talents and abilities. Then you suddenly lose your job.

A little introspection may help you to realize that your job didn’t allow you to USE those talents and abilities. So it needed to be removed to make way for a more fulfilling career.

Sometimes the connections can be a little more vague and you may have to dig a little deeper. It may take some time to fully understand how everything is related.

But if you keep at it, you will come to understand it. You can then use that knowledge to rebuild something better.


Yes, you MUST allow yourself to grieve! Just because the old circumstances were built on “lies” doesn’t mean you won’t feel a sense of loss and sadness as they unravel.

Allow yourself to go through that. Cry as much as you need to. Stay with the sadness for as long as necessary to move completely through it.

Follow through with the destruction

As much as you might want to try and “fix” everything immediately, don’t do it yet. Instead, take an active role in continuing the destruction of that which no longer serves you.

Hell yes, it’s going to hurt. But at the same time, it will be so incredibly freeing and empowering. Maybe for the first time in your life, you will feel in control of your circumstances.

You will be choosing to release self-limiting beliefs, and free yourself from self-destructive patterns. This “destruction” process can take many forms.

But it usually involves releasing circumstances that no longer correspond with your newly emerging beliefs, such as unproductive relationships, unfulfilling jobs, etc.

Be willing to let them go, and prepare yourself for the creation of something more meaningful.



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