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Self-Growth: When Everything Falls Apart (Part 1 of 4)




So painful

As painful as it is, it’s a good thing, because my life circumstances were built on lies. The lies were the early beliefs I had formed about myself since childhood. Once I began changing those beliefs, my life circumstances began changing also.

Change is good, but it can also be scary and painful as hell. It is necessary however, because in order to build something better, we need to tear down what already exists.

There is a direct correlation

In my own experiences, I notice that there is a direct correlation between the size of the blockages we dissolve, and the magnitude of destruction it causes in our lives.

If we dissolve a small blockage, something small will fall apart in relation. Maybe our car will break down, or we will develop a minor illness. When we dissolve a very LARGE blockage, something equally as large will begin to slide into the abyss.

Our marriage might fall apart. Or we might lose our job. Or we might experience a more serious illness or accident

As frightening as this sounds, it’s a very important part of the process because it makes us sit up and take notice! Most often, the parts of our lives that begin to fall apart weren’t that great to begin with.

They didn’t serve our higher purpose, even though we may have felt comfortable with them.

How to deal with them

So, how do we deal with the pain and fear when everything falls apart? Our first reaction might be to run away to avoid feeling the pain. Another reaction might be to try and put everything back the way it was before it fell apart.

But doing so only delays the process. Remember that the destruction is necessary in order to make room for the rebuilding of something better.

In order to complete the process, we need to stay with it. Yes, there will likely be pain and discomfort involved.

There will be fear. There will be anger and grief. But there will also be an awakening deeper than any we have experienced before. Our eyes will be opened in powerful ways.


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