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Instinct develops

Instinct develops with age like a fine wine. In your twenties, going with your gut instinct had you dirty-dancing with your boss. Maybe also you do drunk-dialing your ex and cutting your own fringe.

Turns out, your instincts get better with age. Sometimes it’s easy to act on impulse.

Imagine you’re crossing the road and a car swerves towards you… You’re not going to question the ‘Run!’ urge, are you? But in everyday life when we’re trying to make a decision, it’s all too easy for your gut instinct to be drowned out by dithering.

Often we do not trust it

Instinct is a powerful thing but often we don’t trust it. We feel we have to have a sound explanation for our beliefs. So a lot of times our instinct argue with our sensible side.

But that ‘feeling in your bones’ could be just the tool you need to help you make your mind up. A lot of it is about recognizing familiar or comparable situations.

Your instinct is more reliable as you get older. All because it’s based on more experience so from which clothes to wear, to more important choices. It can be where to buy a house, or anything, your intuition works for you.

Recall Your First Reaction

Do you stand in the shop, agonizing over those Kurt Geiger‘s like it’s a life or death call? Well, trust your very first impulse on small decisions.

In recent study, volunteers asked to pick the odd out from rows of indicial images were right 95 when they pondered for longer. It shows that falling back on our inbuilt, subconscious processes for certain tasks is more effective.

Use Speed-Psychology

You’re not the only one who gets in a knot trying to counter your instinct with factual info. Most people are rubbish at keeping comparative detail in their heads.


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