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Daily Life Treasures

A U.S $10.50 checked signed by Neil Armstrong hours before he took off for the Moon was sold for $27,350 at an auction in Amherst, New Hampshire in July 2009. It was 40 years to the day it was written. Armstrong had written the check – for money borrowed from a NASA manager, in case anything happened to him on the lunar mission.

Motorists in the Bulgarian capital Sofia were awarded a free salami in 2009 for driving courteously. As part of a police road-safety initiative, a salami factory offered lunch to any driver who yielded to pedestrians at marked street crossings.

In August 2009, customers flocked to a faulty cash machine that was paying out double money at a supermarket in London, England. The store closed the machine as soon as it learned of the fault, but by then lucky customers had taken over $7,500 from it.

A ghost…

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