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A woman who had been playing with a friendly bottlenose dolphin called Mako in the sea off Mahia Beach on New Zealand’s North Island got into difficulty when the dolphin stopped her from returning to shore. Her cries for help eventually alerted rescuers who rowed out to find her exhausted and cold, clinging to a buoy. Locals say the dolphin gets lonely in the winter when there are fewer people around and just wanted to keep playing.


9 years ago, police in Adelaide, Australia, investigated a series if thefts involving cucumbers. More than $8,500 worth of cucumbers were stolen in 11 separate burglaries on market gardens over a period of three months.


In 2002, Mike McDermott from Hampshire, England won the lottery twice with the same numbers, beating the odds of 5.4 trillion to one.


An elderly Japanese businessman lost $4 million in cash when a thief found it buried in his garden.


A man who robbed a Walnut Creek, California bank in July 2009 apparently felt so guilty that three days later he walked into a church, confessed to the crime and handed over &1,200 to a priest before leaving.


A ram in Helgoysund, Norway was stranded 15 feet (4.5 meters) up a telegraph pole for an hour after it tried to abseil down an electricity cable to reach a field of ewes. The lovelorn sheep slid down the cable from a higher field with his horn stuck on the wire, before stopping against a pole. Eventually, a group of German tourists managed to loop a rope around the sheep and lower it to the ground.


Eleanor Benz, who dropped out of high school to help her family during the Great Depression, finally received her diploma in 2009 – 73 years later. She left Chicago’s Lake View High School at age of 17 to take a job, but at her 90th birthday party she was presented with the diploma, gown and cap, complete with 1936 tassel.

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