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British Businessman Andrew Cheatle was messing with his dog, and unknowingly dropped his mobile phone to nowhere. He kept calling, but to no avail and gave up after a couple of days. He thought he would never see it again. A week later, when he went out shopping with her girlfriend. His girlfriend’s phone rang, and the caller told them that her phone was swallowed by a 25-pound cod he had just caught. The caller is Glen Kerley, a fisherman.


The Keogh Family have three generations born on February 29, beating odds of 3,118,535,181 to one (3.12 Billion : 1). Peter Keogh was born in Ireland on leap day – February 29, 1940. His son Eric, was born in United Kingdom on leap day 1964. Granddaughter Bethany was born on the leap day 1996, also in U.K.


A Russian girl spent the first five years of her life being brought up by cats and dogs. The girl, who came from the Siberian City of Chita, adopted the behavior of the animals she lived with, even barking like a puppy and jumping at the door when people left the room.


After not seeing each other for 60 years, long-lost siblings George Culwick and Lucy Heenan discovered in 2008 that they had been living just 6.5 kilometers apart in Birmingham, West Midlands, England.


A judge presiding over a drug trafficking case in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, released the defendants – identical twins – because police officers couldn’t prove which one had originally been arrested.


Kay Rene Reed Qualls and DeeAnn Angell Shafer learned at the age of 56 that they had been accidentally switched at birth and had grown up with each other’s parents. The girls were born at Pioneer Memorial Hospital in Heppner, Oregon, in 1953. The mistake was only uncovered when they took the DNA tests in 2009.


Two Australian teenagers who went on a fishing trip to Tuntable Creek, near Nemblin, New South Wales in September 2009 landed a surprise catch – a plastic package containing $87,000 in cash

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