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Arrived home very late after a series of meetings in various locations in Laguna, Cavite and Metro Manila, passing more than 20 cities and towns, my wife and I immediately grab our sofa seats and hot tea to take some rest, then freshen up, and off to bed. We had a long day, leaving home 5am and arriving 11pm. We still need to wake up 4am to prepare to go to work and leave around 530am.

The next morning, as we drove along MCX, I heard some irritating sound coming from the rear of my SUV. It is an expressway where vehicles run up to 140kph, with hesitation, I pull over on the “shoulder” and turned the “hazard” signal on, get out my vehicle to take a look where that sound is coming from.

I am not surprise, it is my rear right tire, whose thread at less than 20% (the rest is more than 60%), damaged and about to burst any moment should I continue to speed up.

I immediately changed my damaged wheel and use my spare tire, and after a couple of stressful minutes that seemed years, we are back on track and continue what we need to do. Arriving late on my appointment, with lots of regret, I felt sorry that I have a very unlucky morning. I do not want to be late specially the initial business meeting.

Spending time alone during lunchtime, memories flashes back to me.

My car is a great companion of mine every day, travelling to far places from Manila up Northern Provinces  and Manila to Maasin City down south.

A day before changing my damaged tire along MCX, that night, I am heading home driving along SLEX.

At the back of my mind, questions arises – What if, I heard that disturbing sound at the rear side of my car at night in SLEX? Or I did not hear anything at all and my tire just explode while doing 100kph? Or what if that happen at the roads in South? Or at NLEX? Different consequences might happen. I could have an accident myself, or I may cause an accident risking others’ lives.

I am very thankful that God has still a job for me to accomplish, and that sometimes, changing tires along dangerous roads that seemed uncomfortable and time consuming and very irritating, in God’s own time, is indeed a BLESSING!

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