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Life Journeys

We live in a diverse world, with so many things happening at the time. Some people are wailing with so much pain in their hearts, others are living ostentatiously, flaunting so much affluence– with the belief that the world is under their feet. Life can be so complicated and unfair, but that’s what it is.

Have you ever thought for one second what life means to you? Are you fulfilled in life or just living like you don’t care? For you, life could be about having relationships, companionships, or good friends. For others, it is much more than that.

From my personal point of view, life is so much more than just pursuing the norms of society. It is not about chasing dreams that confirm superiority over others, but rather, trying to be the best I can on my own accord.

In the midst of it all, there are so many travails or turmoil to make you think life is not worth living. When you see a wilting plant, you know exactly what to do. You water it! But when you’re stressed out and exhausted, it is often difficult to know how to recover.

What we fail to realize is that exhaustion for some of us, can’t merely be fixed by a holiday at the beach, or by just visiting a day-spa. Because the truth is, it is not just the body that is exhausted, but the soul.

At the end of the day, worry more about the new experience you have learnt in the course of falling and not about failure itself, because success is sweeter when you have had a fair share of failure. You will undoubtedly come to a conclusion that each point of success or failure and the little bit of hard work you put in counts, in this journey called LIFE.